About Us

Ecology is a PNW based design team and maker of 100% naturally sustainably produced products for the home, office, or garden.

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The branch of science that deals with the relations of living things to one another and to their physical surroundings.

Also: An often delicate or intricate system.

"Ecology" is a term derived from the Greek word "logos" meaning to learn about ones ecosystems. Meanwhile "eco" comes from the Greek word "oikos" which stands for "household or home."

Our Story & Mission...

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About Ecology

In 2020, Ecology sprouted from a single table in a humble garage within the heart of the Pacific Northwest driven by a passion for sustainable cozy living and thoughtful timeless design aesthetic. Today, we're the proud creators of 100% natural and sustainably produced products, curated to enhance every corner of your home, office, and garden. 

It isn't just about what we make, but how we make it. We care and are intentional about the end-to-end process of creating our products. Like how we work with local arborists to source naturally fallen hardwood trees, then mill and dry our wood material from those logs. This is why we call our material “second life” materials as we get to take the raw natural source of a tree and turn it into beautiful products with each having its own uniqueness and character of that original source. 

This approach allows our furniture pieces to be purely authentic unlike any other. The purpose of ecology is to celebrate the beautiful complexities of natural organic materials, in simple, artful and useful forms, to be enjoyed in the home.

Second Life Materials

Our logs only come from sustainably farmed and naturally fallen trees.

Authentic Natural Look

We mill & dry our own wood materials preserving their natural beauty.

Strong Protection

All products are treated with a high quality, eco-friendly, food safe sealant.